Tuesday, 16 July 2013

MegaWestgarth is now on Tumblr

MegaWestgarth is now on Tumblr. Please go check out my Tumblr blog through the following link:

My new Tumblr blog has the sole purpose of reblogging my Blogger content in the hope of capturing new readers. But just to clarify, this Blogger blog will remain my base of operations. However, if you're a heavy Tumblr user, you will now be able to access all of my content, new and old, through my Tumblr page.

I've also gone and fine tuned my RSS feed in Feedburner. Shamefully, I managed to omit having the MegaWestgarth Blogger RSS feed visible on the site. You can now see the familiar RSS icon on the top of the right-hand column, simply click on it to access my feed. Alternatively you can access it through the following link:

On my long and arduous journey to videogame journalism victory, I've learn a fair few things about how the internet works. RSS, SEO, tags and social media were all things that have been beyond my scope for many, many years. But now I'm on Twitter @MegaWestgarth, I have a Tumblr blog and soon, if all goes well, I'll be unveiling a brand new WordPress project very soon.

Don't you go changing.


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