Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sega PALs Podcast Episode 1 Available Now!

The very first episode of the Sega PALs Podcast is available to download now!

My good friend Tommy Carver-Chaplin  and I have experienced technical difficulties galore in our recent attempts to record the second episode of the Sega PALs Youtube series, for which we both apologise. Hopefully this short podcast will help pass the time between now and then.

What is it about? Basically it's us two talking about videogames, the rising bus fares and old VHS tapes. Specific topics include the closure of SegaWorld, the expansion of the Sonic series and Sonic Lost World, my issues with JRPGs and much, much more.

The Sega PALs Podcast is a Sega Addicts podcast and this first episode sits proudly aside the Sega Addicts Podcast, The Sega Addicts Kids Table and The Dream(pod)cast.

Sega PALs Podcast: Episode 1 - "News at Ten" can be streamed of downloaded via this Sega Addicts page.


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