Friday, 12 July 2013

Summertime at Sega Addicts

We're a good chunk through July which means there's plenty of summer-related content up on Sega Addicts as part of the July 2013 Summer Theme. Even though I hate the hot, sweaty summer days with a passion, I still made my own special contributions to Sega Addicts this month.

First up is my big summer feature article titled "Super Sega Summer Vomit". It's a good ol' trip down memory lane for yours truly as I recount days spent drinking Panda Pops, playing Sonic 2 and violently vomiting into my uncle's toilet. Have a little read if you like.

Last week's "Sega Addicts Speak!" feature saw Sega Addicts features editor Stevie Grant ask us writers which Sega game reminded us of the summer the most. Of course, my answer was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Why did I once love a game I now hate? Find out in the special, summer feature!

Lastly, in order to get my hands on the the July 2013 exclusive "Outdoor Vegetation" badge on the Sega Addicts forum, I took my prized copy of alien Soldier out for a little play in the garden. You can check out the photos after the jump.


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