Sunday, 4 August 2013

All Men Are Created Equal - Unless You're a Royal baby

Yes, I am British. And yes, I do not believe that the British monarchy should have the ridiculous amounts of wealth, land and power that they do -- especially considering how many of their "subjects" are living in a state of relative poverty.

I hate a lot of things -- mostly companies, banks and advertising agencies -- but I try my very best not to hate individual people. Let it be clear that I do not hate His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, I simply hate the British media's ubiquitous obsession with the little tyke.

To the left you'll see part of an screenshot I took of the BBC News website on July 24th 2013 (I added the arrows myself).

At the time I was researching information for my recently published Medium article on David Cameron's scheme to partially censor all forms of online pornography from the British public. Needless to say, the information I required was buried beneath a hefty pile of repetitive, hastily written news articles about a lady who gave birth to a baby.

Maybe you've heard and maybe you haven't, but on the run up to the birth of the "Royal Baby" a campaign titled "Born Equal" was started to bring to light the hypocrisy of our so called democratic political system that allows for a head of state to be born, and not chosen, and that celebrates the birth of one child over the suffering of many.

Here's a quote from the site:

Here is a new baby whose career, religion, even personal relationships, have already been mapped out. Meanwhile the British people are told in 2013 who their head of state will be in 2063 and beyond. No debate, no discussion. Certainly no vote. 
The arrival of a new prince highlights the unfairness of the hereditary principle – for the millions of children told they’ll never be good enough and for the baby whose life has been predetermined.

Funnily enough, the Born Equal campaign singled out BBC News for disregarding its world renowned reputation as a source of unbiased, journalistic reporting in favour of celebrating the birth of the royal baby. And celebration really is the correct word to use, as not once did I see a British republican featured in any BBC News in-studio segments. I saw plenty of upper/middle class white people with big, cheesy grins on their faces, but not once did I see a single person on BBC News who challenged even the idea of a British monarchy in any way.

I've stopped watching BBC News now. It was in fact their ridiculously intensive reporting of the Queen's visit to the BBC that alerted me to BBC News' biased, positive opinion of the royal family - their to-the-minute footage of Kate Middleton's vagina was simply the last nail in the coffin.

That, and the fact that BBC News spends 15-20 minutes of every broadcast hour on sports.


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