Monday, 5 August 2013

CraftiHub - A New Site For Handicraft News

Handicraft isn't something you would normally associate me with. However, my girlfriend Emma Lenton has been creating wonderful pieces of videogame handicraft for years. Through her I've gained all sorts of handicraft knowledge and between us we've made one major observation:

There are no handicraft news sites.

Our answer to this is our brand new site CraftiHub. It contains news, reviews and features, all relating to the world of handicraft. Of course it goes without saying that both Emma and I are working on numerous new articles as we speak.

Why should you visit it? Well, aside from the fact that hand made craft products are experiencing a resurgence in popularity and creativity, thrusting them into 21st century relevancy, I've also written a short feature on how pixel art can inspire crafters from all walks of life titled "How Pixel Art can Enhance Your Handicraft Projects".

We're both very excited about CraftiHub and where it may take us in the future. We'd really appreciate it if you could visit the site and share it with those you know who might like it. 

If you have any news tips or ideas for feature articles, please be sure to contact me or contact Emma Lenton directly. CraftiHub is only a small WordPress blog now, but we're both willing to put as much energy into this project as possible. So watch this space!


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