Friday, 2 August 2013

Phil Fish: All Power, No Responsibility

Phil Fish has created one of the most beautiful, atmospheric and charming indie games of all time. Whether you knew of Fez before its release, due to Indie Game: The Movie or from seeing it advertised elsewhere, a large proportion of players would agree that it's an experience not to be missed.

I love Fez. I do not love Phil Fish.

Phil Fish is a man that has managed to become a videogame development, with his claim to fame being a single, downloadable videogame with a ridiculous five year development cycle. Since the release of Fez, Phil Fish has used his position as renowned indie game developer to offend other developers, other gamers and humanity in general with his many childish and inflammatory comments. Simply put, I think Phil Fish is a great developer, but I don't think he's a very nice person.

Fez II has been cancelled. The game that no one asked for, the game that Phil Fish said he would never make, a game that no one has even seen in any way shape or form is now cancelled. Why?

Because Phil Fish has thrown a hissy fit.

There's no other way to describe it. Yes, Marcus Beer made some rude comments on the recent GameTrailers podcast, but he also made some extremely valid ones. Instead of using his well regarded position in the videogame industry to make that very industry better, he's chosen to blame those most critical of that industry for the cancellation of a game that doesn't even exist yet.

But don't worry, Polytron doesn't even need Fez II, it's moving onto its next big project - more Fez ports!


  1. So Phil is...The Gordon Ramsay of gaming? Lol. But seriously, he did over react to Beer, and Beer did throw basic good manners out of the window by saying what he did. As far as I care, both men need to grow up.

    1. It really was an ugly turn of events. Thanks for the comment!


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