Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Indie Game HQ: Preview - Contract Work

The following is an except from my recently published preview of indie game Contract Work on Indie Game HQ.

Set in a dystopian future where megacorporations rule the world, Contract Work has players assume the role of the last remaining human corporate mercenary. With stealth technologies, elite hacking abilities and an array of weapons to hand, players can sell their skills to the highest bidder.

After each successful mission, cash can be spent on an assortment of upgrades ranging from max health boosts to weapon modifications. It’s in this respect that Contract Work is reminiscent of Introversion’s Uplink, in which hacking jobs are rewarded with cash which is in turn spent on computer upgrades. However, this is where the similarities between Contract Work and Uplink, or any other game for that matter, end.

Although Contract Work would like players to think that each of its small selection of levels — which involve either finding and defeating a boss, locating and hacking a specific terminal, or defending servers from waves of robots — can be tackled using various methods, the entire experience quickly boils down to simple “run ‘n’ gun”.

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