Thursday, 24 October 2013

Anime Courtyard: Sonic Lost World (3DS) Review

Sonic Lost World is Sega's most recent stab at bringing Sonic the Hedgehog into the world of 3D. Fortunately for me I was able on get my hands on a copy for review, thanks to Mario a.k.a. CyberMario over at Anime Courtyard.

I didn't read any reviews of Sonic Lost World prior to writing my own. But once I was done I was surprised that so many gaming sites had come up with similar scores. I personally hate doing review scores as I think they're absolutely worthless. However, I was asked to attach one to the review and -- due to being one of the few reviewers out there that are aware of numbers below 7 -- I gave it a healthy, "above average" 6.5.

What I found odd was the reasons why reviewers had given it a lower than expected score. For me, the main (but not the only) factor in my awarding a 6.5 was the ridiculous level design in Sonic Lost Worlds latter stages. They were so poorly designed that they almost ruined the whole experience for me. It's a trap that Sega have fallen into far too many times with their 3D Sonic games, and it was disappointing to find that Sonic Team had once again confused "frustration" with"challenge" with Sonic Lost World.

But these weren't the negative comments I was seeing elsewhere. Funnily enough, this is a train of thought that is being discussed over on the Sega Addicts Forum. I've joined in with the discussion and, if you've something to say about Sonic Lost World reviews on "mainstream" sites, I recommend you hop on over there and make a post.


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