Monday, 18 November 2013

Breakout: PlayStation - Surprisingly Stupid, Surprisingly Fun

I picked up an unboxed copy of Breakout for the original PlayStation for pittance at a large car boot sale down in Birmingham city centre. I bought it along with some other PlayStation remakes of classic videogames such as Pong, Space Invaders and The Next Tetris. I expected it to be nothing more than a sonically and graphically enhanced version of the original Breakout game as well as Alleyway on the Nintendo Game Boy.

How wrong I was.

Breakout actually features a fully fledged single player campaign with an actual storyline. Bouncer (the the main Breakout rectangle hero) is thrown in prison while his girlfriend Daisy is kidnapped by the evil Batnix (both of which are also Breakout rectangles). The first level of the game involves having Bouncer "breakout" of prison by bouncing steel balls at the wall, escaping the entire facility by bouncing steel walls at a fence and then out running a wolf by bouncing steel balls at it.

After that I saved my game, eager to see if Pong has an equally surprisingly single player mode (it doesn't).

The next stop for Bouncer is Egypt. Seriously, in Breakout for the PlayStation you escape from  medieval-style prison and then run all the way to Egypt.

P.S. There's no real point to this blog post -- I simply wanted to share my disbelief with you all.


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