Saturday, 14 December 2013

MegaWestgarth: See You Next Year!

It may seem premature to wish you all a good start to 2014, but if all goes well, I'll be sitting down in my new flat when this blog post is published. The combination of moving into a new flat combined with Christmas means that at any given point in time between now and 2014, I'll either be without internet access or will only have intermittent access to it. But I'm okay with that -- at least for now.

People who have gotten to know me through my work and through my blog posts here on MegaWestgarth will know that following my graduation from the University of Leeds in 2010, I've been to the Netherlands and back, to Ipswich more times than I'd like to admit, and now I live in Birmingham. It's been a long, emotional and exhausting road with far too many bouts of money troubles and unemployment, but now that particular road seems to be at its end.

My girlfriend, Emma, managed to land a decent job. I've managed to land a few regular, and decent paying writing positions. And now we're moving into our first flat together within the United Kingdom.

It's all a bit crazy really, but I'm confident that having our own space in an extremely British flat will help Emma and myself immensely. It'll offer a freedom that we could never have while living with parents and family, and a freedom that wasn't quite fully formed while living in the deep, shitty South of the Netherlands.

It's funny. I always thought 2013 would be our year but for most of it I'd thought my prediction was way off. Yet here I am, looking at 2014, grateful for the ups and downs of 2013 that led me and Emma here.

Anyway, I've scheduled a bunch of random little posts to come up over the Christmas period in order to stop MegaWestgarth from stagnating. I'll be spending Christmas with my three brothers in my parents' family home. We plan to play lots of Minecraft, watch lots of British comedy, set things on fire and laugh. Laughter is my absolute favourite thing about Christmas.

Have a good one!

The header image originates from Issue No. 96 of the now defunct, British Sonic The Comic.


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