Friday, 27 December 2013

Minecraft Holiday Diaries: Bubble Hut

The Christmas holidays are nice, but can often lead to large stretches of boredom, which is why I hit up Minecraft with my brothers William and George to see what we could see. It should be noted that none of us had played our server for well over six months, meaning that we'd missed the release of both Minecraft 1.6 and Minecraft 1.7. As such, we felt we had a bit of catching up to do and jumped straight into our first new project:

An underwater, yellow stained glassed "bubble hut".

The purpose of the bubble hut is to act as a test lab for Redstone powered machines. George and I are both hopeless when it comes to Redstone, but my brother William, has a natural affinity to the logical and thought he could bring something to the table. Truth be told, we already had a test lab which came complete with individual biome reconstruction rooms, but with ugly stone walls, a stone ceiling and a stone brick floor, we thought it would be novel to create a new lab underwater -- out of glass.

Our main base of operations isn't near any deep sea, so we decided to create an underwater ravine within a nearby marsh biome. Therefore, the construction of the bubble hut followed three main steps:
  1. A hollow space was created underground, beneath the marsh biome
  2. The walls were covered with yellow stained glass panes and the ceiling with yellow stained glass cubes
  3. The area outside of the glass cuboid was excavated before the water above was allowed to fall through

Obviously, the process was a little more complicated than this and the three of us created numerous watertight spaces to work in in order to minimise the amount of digging performed while underwater. The bubble hut could also do with some lovely brick flooring and other niceties. Nevertheless, our yellow stained underwater bubble hut is complete and -- as is the case with most of our Minecraft projects -- will never be used.

With George and I in Ipswich together for just one more day, we're going exploring in order to disover new chunks, new biomes, and the elusive new mob -- horses.

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