Monday, 2 December 2013

Poem -- Wanky-Shit: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines,

With AI clearly based off a baked bean,

Narrative that makes next to no sense,
Price; forty-nine pound and ninety-nine pence,

Let us not forget the DLC,
This tragic turd is not found on the Wii...                         U

I liked the part where people got stuck,
In doors, in walls, in rock and within trucks,

Sometimes I would walk within a friend,
And see their eyeballs squirm inside their head,

This poem lacks a point, all things told,
A:CM's a scrotum caked in mould,

Anal vomit, wanky-shit, with pee,
Abomination to the Nth degree,

Fuck you Sega, Gearbox, it's poor,
A point; my poem reached one after all.

The Wanky Shit Demon, as pictured above, was born from the minds of


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