Monday, 23 December 2013

Strategy Informer - Tank Operations: European Campaign (Review)

The following is an excerpt from a review of Tank Operations: European Campaign I've written for Strategy Informer. The review was originally published on 16 Dec 2013 and can be read in full over at Strategy Informer.

It should be noted that Tank Operations is a strategy game with historical elements, not the other way around. All playable Allied units are exclusively American while all Axis forces are German, even in battles where other nations were known to be fighting. But the game is hardly realistic anyway, with new units being purchased on-site with cash, tanks that can shoot through mountains, ships that cannot move and foreign cities that, when occupied, generate money.

Historical fallacy aside, Tank Operations is a solid strategy romp that's perfect in one-two hour bursts. This is also, roughly speaking, the time it takes to beat each of the game's 12 missions, offering a decent 25+ hours of gameplay in a single play through. Unfortunately, Tank Operations gives players little reason to go back and replay missions – there's no multiplayer, be that local or online, no additional difficulty settings or modifiers, no optional mission objectives, and, most disappointingly, no option to replay missions as the Nazis forces.

Read my review of Tank Operations: European Campaign in full over at Strategy Informer.

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