Saturday, 8 February 2014

Anime Courtyard - Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Review

The following is an excerpt of my recently published review of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, which can be read over at Anime Courtyard.

Those with hazy memories beware, as Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z‘s cut-scenes are brief and vague in order to accommodate for the game’s non-canon four-on-four battles. Nevertheless, these frantic, multi-man brawls are jammed packed with colourful energy beams, flying fighters and familiar soundbytes put Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z's in-game action far closer to that of the original anime than previous games.

Having so many fighters present at once also totally negates the feeling of tension and drama usually drummed up by Dragon Ball Z‘s most epic battles. For example, having Krillin fight alongside Super Saiyan Goku in his final showdown against Frieza destroys the significance of Krillin’s canonical death. Saying that, this effect could have been offset to a degree by what would have been some entertaining local couch co-op – a feature developer Artdink thought unnecessary for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.

Read my review of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z in full over at Anime Courtyard.

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