Saturday, 22 February 2014

Strategy Informer: Astrobase Command Interview

Astrobase Command is a space station simulator game by Canadian indie dev team Jellyfish Games whose greatest influences is Start Trek: The Next Generation, and Lego. I had the chance to chat with the mastermind behind Astrobase Command, Dave Williams, with the full interview being published on Strategy Informer.

Williams talked about Astrobase Command and the world of indie game development, of course, but also talked about his favourite Star Trek character, cat-people and the end of social media as we know it. 

For example:

Strategy Informer: Can you hire cats? I suppose players can create a race of cat-people, is that right?

Dave Williams: Yeah you can make a race of cat-people, or of anything-people. Maybe not [in the] initial early access release – that will be up to art bandwidth. We were also planning a pet system. Data had a cat, after all. And Archer had a dog.

We really want players to be able to make the ideal sci-fi universe that's living in their head, and looking at elements of our favourite IPs is a part of that – and you see a lot of animals in sci-fi.

Strategy Informer: That dolphin from SeaQuest comes to mind.

Dave Williams: And tribbles.

I mean, these are story opportunities. And we want enough of them to make the AI Storyteller surprising and fresh. Just the concept of having a "pet" on your station is a great opportunity.

"Astrobase Command Interview" can be read in full over on Strategy Informer.

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