Friday, 7 February 2014

Strategy Informer: Modding The Hedgehog

The following blog post is related to a recently published article of mine, "Modding The Hedgehog", which can be read over at Strategy Informer.

Looking over my most recent Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega related articles, I can see how people might think that I'm anti-Sega or that I'm some sort of self-loathing Sonic fan. 

My opinion pieces over at TSSZ have drawn negative attention to the Sonic fanbase and have criticised Sega's use of the free-to-play model in Sonic Dash. My final post for Sega Addicts detailed my disappointment at Sega's unwillingness to discuss Sega's links to Sochi 2014 and the horrific anti-LGBT acts that have grown in popularity in Russia following the passing of the so-called "anti-gay" law.

It is certainly the case that what was once my strong passion for Sega has waned dramatically in light of Sega's attitude towards Phantasy Star Online 2's Western release, the fate of the Yakuza series in the West, and its complete lack of communication during the Aliens: Colonial Marines scandal

That's not to say that Sega shouldn't be commended for the occasional clever move i.e. handing development of Sonic Generations for the PC over to Devil's Details, who in turn opened the door to one of the strongest modding communities in recent memory.

And commend Sega is exactly what I do in my recent Strategy Informer article titled "Modding The Hedgehog".


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