Thursday, 20 February 2014

Strategy Informer: The Wonderful World of Mega Man PC Games

The following is an excerpt from my recent editorial article "The Wonderful World of Mega Man PC Games", which has been published on Strategy Informer.

Series antagonist Dr. Wily is back, and this time he's created a device that converts gold into an indestructible metal alloy. It's up to Mega Man and friends to collect as much gold as they can through property management to spend on defensive buildings before Dr. Wily's final attack. This is the premise of 1999's Mega Man themed, Monopoly-esque PC game Rockman Gold Empire

A fairly unremarkable title, Rockman Gold Empire is known mostly for its obscurity and rarity rather than its gameplay value. Nevertheless, the game boasts some bright and colourful visuals, an entirely new soundtrack and big, bold sprites not seen in any other Mega Man game.

Strangely enough, Rockman Gold Empire isn't Mega Man's first foray into the world of property management. The 1993 Japanese exclusive Wily & Right's RockBoard: That's Paradise for the Nintendo Famicom home console had much the same concept as Gold Empire, making this Taiwanese exclusive spiritual successor all the more weird.

Read "The Wonderful World of Mega Man PC Games" in full over at Strategy Informer.

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