Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Strategy Informer: The Great War Interview with Muzzy Lane

MegaWestgarth Making History Muzzy Lane

Making History: The Great War is an educational strategy game based before, during and after the titular war and is being developed by independent studio Muzzy Lane. 

I had a wonderfully interesting chat with Dave McCool and Chris Parsons of Muzzy Lane during which I barraged them with questions about The Great War, the market for educational games, the benefits of self publishing and life in the early 20th century. Have a gander at what these chaps had to say in my latest Strategy Informer article.

Although it's not as long and in depth as my Muzzy Lane interview, there's still interest to be gleaned from my recent interview with Planets3's Cubical Drift. Additionally, I spoke to Dave Williams of Jellyfish Games last month about Astrobase Command, Star Trek, and cats -- check out the interview here.

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