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Strategy Informer: Dungeon Keeper - In Loving Memory Of

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The following is an excerpt from my recent editorial article "Dungeon Keeper: In Loving Memory Of"; published on Strategy Informer.

Years flew by and as they did, the two Dungeon Keeper games sunk further and further into videogame obscurity. The higher monitor resolutions and ubiquitous 3D graphics of the early 2000s left the MD-DOS based Dungeon Keeper looking antiqued. Bullfrog effectively shut down not long after the cancellation of Dungeon Keeper 3, meaning a lack of Dungeon Keeper 2 support, which in turn made the game notoriously difficult to run on Windows XP and beyond – an issue that still hasn't been fully resolved to this day.

Some fans looked to Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios for their fix of sadistic dungeon crafting. Lionhead had in fact incorporated a lot of Dungeon Keeper's more chaotic and uncontrollable elements into their 2001 release, Black & White. However, the prospect of controlling a giant, benevolent zebra across a sunny, green landscape was a far cry from the dark, dank underground corridors Dungeon Keeper fans were accustomed to.

A decade later and German developer Realmforge Studios would attempt to follow in Bullfrog's footsteps with their own dungeon management game; the appropriately titled Dungeons...

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