Monday, 3 March 2014

TSSZ: Vertical Slice - Sonic 5 is a Fan Game

Have you ever played a high quality Sonic the Hedgehog fan game and wondered how a single, amateur seems more capable of making 2D Sonic games than Sega?

I have, and have done for a long time. It's a topic I've explored in my most recent column entry Vertical Slice: Sonic 5 is a Fan Game, which can be read over at TSSZ. The article explores the possible reasons why fan game makers seem more in tune with the essence of 2D Sonic gaming, and why Sega seem to be lagging behind.

The article also features the opinions of fan game developers Bryce "Overbound" Stock and Kevin "Highwire" Ethridge, as well as Sonic Worlds Delta maintainer Techokami, who I had previously interviewed as part of a slew of TSSZ published, SAGE 2014 related articles.


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