Tuesday, 8 April 2014

TSSZ: Crazy Taxi City Rush Preview

It's more EGX Rezzed coverage, and this time I'm blathering on about Sega and Hardlight's latest, greatest free-to-play offering: Crazy Taxi: City Rush. Check out my preview article over at TSSZ, because you're just dying to find out how well Crazy Taxi translates to a mobile, free-to-play game!

Funny story: I went to EGX Rezzed with my friend and convicted hortisexual Stevie Grant who wanted to preview Crazy Taxi: City Rush for Sega Addicts. We eventually made our way over to Hardlight's table, which housed an assortment of mobile devices all displaying the distinctly yellow shades of a Crazy Taxi game. Funny thing is, Stevie Grant had no idea what City Rush was like prior to playing it and I didn't have the heart to tell him.

Watching Stevie's face drop as he realised he was playing an on-rails endless runner was priceless. Listening to Stevie reluctantly ask a Hardlight developer about micro-transactions was equally humorous. Stevie Grant is a funny guy, especially when his hopes and dreams have just been shattered by yet another of Sega's sleazy cash grabs.

Oh and go read my TSSZ preview article for Crazy Taxi: City Rush. It's probably good and stuff.

I pinched the image above from Taxi. You know, that French one. So please don't sue me, whatever company it was what owns the rights to Taxi.


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