Thursday, 24 April 2014

Don't You Forget About the MegaWestgarth Tumblr

MegaWestgarth is on Tumblr -- did you forget? That's okay, I forgot too until a few weeks ago. That being said, I'm trying to put up little snippets of information about my videogame playing habits up on my Tumblr in order to differentiate it from my main blog. So if you want some bite sized posts about the games I'm playing then head on over and have a look.

It may seem counter productive to have two blogs running at the same time, but I feel as though having a presence on Tumblr, regardless of its size, is better than no presence at all. Furthermore -- and I may be wrong about this -- Tumblr seems to be the internet's dumping ground for uninteresting GIFs and images as well as shallow, unintelligent thoughts on politics and society. So better there than here, eh?


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