Friday, 4 April 2014

TSSZ: Preview - Alien Isolation

The following is an excerpt from my recent preview of Alien: Isolation, published on TSSZ.

I eventually found a glorified light switch and took the time to look around Creative Assembly’s Alien-esque, retro-futuristic space station while I gave my anal sphincter a rest from the sustained clenching.

The Total War developer’s attention to detail is, quite frankly, astounding. From post-it notes to photographs, readable documents to blueprints, half eaten meals to half empty ash trays, the deserted space station is littered with the remnants of its former inhabitants. I looked over some toys from the 70′s littered across a table before making my way to a cathode ray tube monitor whose green and black interface caught my attention. Amanda entered lines of code with a authentically chunky keyboard which then asked me to complete a simple and somewhat unnecessary hacking minigame.

Then it appeared.

The preview article can be read in its entirety over at TSSZ

It might also be a nice idea to read my interview with Creative Assembly's Al Hope which was recently published on Strategy Informer.

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