Monday, 30 June 2014

Artist Wanted: Crazy Taxi Strip for STC-O

MegaWestgarth needs you! Read on for more info.

Back in 2012 I wrote a script for a three page Crazy Taxi comic. I wrote it back when I was still living in the Netherlands, and was dabbling in a range of different creative writing formats. I did it to stop my brain from turning into a stale slab of cheap, white bread during my physically and mentally gruelling stint as a call centre drone.

The script remained on my hard drive for over two years until I recently sent it off to Sonic the Comic Online; the volunteer run continuation of the long defunct, British Sonic the Hedgehog comic book. One thing led to another and I ended up rewriting and expanding the script to five pages.

Then I hit a snag.

While the comic's editors were happy with my story, especially considering they're looking for non-Sonic Sega stories to feature, none of their current pool of volunteer artists are interested in bringing my story to life. There seems to be a few reasons for this with the main one being that STC-O's artists are already swamped with drawing the mainstay Sonic strips in their free time. Either way, my story is currently dead in the water, and that sucks.

So here I am, asking if there's anyone out there capable of creating digital artwork in a comic book format who would be interested in working voluntarily on a Crazy Taxi story for publication on Sonic the Comic Online. If you're interested or know someone who might be, get in touch via the contact details on my About Me page and I'll sort it out with the STC-O editors.

Many thanks!


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