Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Speedrun by Julian Hazeldine: Review Incoming


Speedrun is a new, self published non-fiction book by Julian Hazeldine which offers an "unauthorised history of sonic the hedgehog". In fact, the full title of the book is Speedrun: The Unauthorised History of Sonic The Hedgehog. Who would have guessed it?

Those who listened to Chuckle-Bits Radio Episode 4 would have heard mine and Stevie Grant's interview with Mr. Hazeldine. Listeners may also recall that I stated that I've yet to finished reading the book itself. But since Emma was at a meeting with the Embroiderers Guild on Monday night, I was able to use the time to make my way through Speedrun in its entirety.

Some sort of review of Speedrun is planned, and I initially hoped would be part of an upcoming episode of Chuckle-Bits Radio. However, seeing as Stevie is currently inundated with university work and the next podcast lined up is extremely political, I'm not sure if our yet-to-be-had conversation about  Speedrun would hit the web in a timely fashion. Therefore I'm considering a brief, written review for MegaWestgarth, with a more in depth conversation about the book on the podcast.

I have many thoughts on Speedrun that I want to share with potential buyers. There's many aspects of the book that I enjoyed, especially its commentary on the numerous territorial interpretations of Sonic during the late 20th century -- an aspect of the franchise that rarely comes up today. Other, more "technical" issues with the book, such as typos and a lack of references/ bibliography, were obvious negatives. 

However, I wouldn't be doing the book justice to summarise it in a just a few sentences (and yes, I'm aware that's essentially what I just did). So let me mull this one over and some way, some how, I'll get you a review of Speedrun.

N.B. Julian sent me a copy of Speedrun in paperback form free of charge for the purpose of review. Those interested in the book can head over to its Amazon page.


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