Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Strategy Informer: Tinker Games' Pale Blue

Here I am again with another Kickstarter Profile article written for Strategy Informer, and this time I'm looking at Pale Blue by Indonesian indie dev Tinker Games. It's an interesting 2D action sidescroller which draws heavily from the likes of Power Rangers and other Japanese “Tokusatsu” television programmes. The twist with Pale Blue is that players will assume the role of a powerful minion of an evil organisation who has chosen to follow her master's bidding to the bitter end.

Tinker Games' Pale Blue [Strategy Informer]

It's worth noting that this article was written almost two weeks ago, and at the time Tinker Games was some way to securing their funding. That being said, I'm happy to report that with less than a day to go, Pale Blue has surpassed its goal and then some. So go check out the Tinker Games' funding campaign in full over at Kickstarter!

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