Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Vertical Slice - 300 Comments

MegaWestgarth Vertical Slice Shadow the Hedgehog

It's crazy to think that in the space of just a few months I've managed to make a name for myself on Sonic and Sega news site TSSZ. My column, Vertical Slice, has but eight entries, yet has almost consistently drawn digital crowds in terms of article comments. In fact, my very first article for TSSZ, Sonic Fans are LOVE, turned out to be an unexpected hit (at least as far as I'm concerned) and received a whopping 218 comments.

So imagine how flabbergasted I was to wake up this morning to see the Vertical Slice record smashed by my latest piece, Anything But Shadow. This article is an opinion piece in the truest sense, with me voicing my opinion of Sonic the Hedgehog character Shadow, even though I was aware that some readers would likely disagree.

And disagree they did.

As of writing this blog post, Anything But Shadow has a mighty 302 comments. Granted, about ten of those were from me, and a good 50+% were from the same two disgruntled Shadow the Hedgehog fanatics, but it spawned discussion nonetheless. 

As with Sonic Fans are LOVE, Anything But Shadow resulted in my work being featured and discussed on a collection of other, fan run blogs and social media pages. While most discussions were counter arguments to my opinion piece -- with some being more aggressive than others -- it's still fantastic to see readers engaging with my work in a way I've rarely experienced with my other videogame related writings.

At least from my side of things, Vertical Slice is here to stay. Here's hoping that the 300-strong comment record is broken in future instalments of Vertical Slice!


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