Monday, 9 June 2014

Writing Magazine: Everybody Needs Somebody to Lean On

On page 70 of the July 2014 issue of Writing Magazine is an article titled "Everybody Needs Somebody to Lean On" -- an article written by me, Michael Westgarth.

Unlike with my previously published work, I can't link to the article, because it has been printed onto paper and stapled into a magazine. But that doesn't stop you from having a peak at the article in your local newsagents. Better yet, you could even buy the damn thing.

As the name suggests, Writing Magazine is a publication containing information for writers of all levels. In my article I offer tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship with a significant other whose income is vital to your writing career.

The article is important to me for two reasons. The first is possibly the most obvious, that being the fact that my name is in print. The second reason is that this article was written based off my own experiences with Emma, who works tremendously hard at her office job so that I need not worry about the infrequent payments of my own freelance writing work. 

None of the content I've produced in the last year, be that written pieces, podcasts, or anything else, would exist if not for Emma's financial and emotional support. So thanks Emma, my Writing Magazine article is about you, and for you.

Information on the July 2014 issue of Writing Magazine can be found through this link. To look at Emma's services as a videogame-inspired cratfer, click here.


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