Monday, 7 July 2014

Emma Lenton Tetris Champ

Aside from working on lovely, videogame inspired handicraft projects, Emma plays an awful lot of Tetris. So much so that she now has a couple of nifty highscores to show off.

Without going into too much detail, Emma decided to play Tetris "competitively" after watching the King of Kong and tried to strut her stuff via Twin Galaxies' archaic, USA and VHS orientated submission system. Anyone who has tried dealing with Twin Galaxies in the past will know how poorly their online arm was run, so even though Emma had some monster scores, they never made it onto the leaderboards.

Emma then smacked down the fellows at Racketboy with their informal Tetris DX leaderboard and, after watching Ecstasy of Order, began submitting scores to community driven Twin Galaxies alternative High Score. As of yesterday, Emma is the High Score world champion at Tetris DX, with a Tetris Worlds (GBA) score waiting for verification.

It's funny then that the day Emma obtained her Tetris DX crown over at High Score was the same day Twin Galaxies finally unveiled their long overdue database overhaul. For those who don't know, Twin Galaxies has been down for some time, with the internet loosing interest after they introduced a paid membership fee for submitting scores and viewing leaderboards.

Emma still has her first place score for Puyo Puyo (MAME) and second place score for Tetris: The Grand Master (MAME) over at Twin Galaxies, and her High Score Tetris DX is equal to third place on Twin Galaxies. So maybe we'll see more broken Tetris records from Emma in the future?

I hope so.

P.S. I've been writing a lot of posts about Emma lately, but that's because she's a really cool person. 


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