Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Strategy Informer: Tammeka's Radial-G

My latest Kickstarter Profile article is live. Go read it over at Strategy Informer: Tammeka's Radial-G.

This time around I've left the shores of Indonesia and the USA to focus on a team of developers much closer to home -- Brighton, UK. It's within this famous seaside town that indie devs Tammeka Games are furiously working away at their VR videogame Radial-G.

Radial-G jumped out at me purely because of my own longing for the continuation of the seemingly defunct Wipeout and F-Zero series. But once I'd read over Radial-G's Kickstarter campaign page I realised that the truly interesting aspect of Tammeka's story is in the team's combined experience working in the "AAA" sector of the videogame publishing world, and the reasons they left it.

All of that and more is discussed in my new Kickstarer Profile article over at Strategy Informer, so go take a look!


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