Saturday, 25 October 2014

I Bought a Thing: XCOM Enemy Unknown

I've been wanting to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown since having a crack at it at GamesCom 2012. Yes, I remember my time with that demo well -- trying to navigate my way through complex menus entirely in German, with a cheesy German voice over advising me to shoot aliens or something, while a German attendant interminably asked if I was okay, in German. 

Interesting, but not as interesting as the German Capcom representative who screamed in German at a horde of excited German teenage boys, getting them to chant German praises in unison while throwing German copies of Devil May Cry HD Collection into the crowd.

It was all very German.

But XCOM: Enemy Unknown costs money, so I've been making do with 1997's X-Com: Apocalypse. Because I'm super frugal, and because I actually like X-Com: Apocalypse quite a bit.

Anyway, while blasting through the charity shops in nearby Rubery, I stumbled upon a copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for the PC. Of course, I haven't bought a boxed PC game in many years, but I suspected that the game came with one-use codes that had to be redeemed in conjunction with the discs. Surely enough, the back of the box lists Steam and "online activation" as a requirement, as well as containing codes on the manual.

I was ready to put the game back on the shelf in amongst the fifty copies of FIFA 2004 they had for PlayStation 2, when my girlfriend told me to take a chance, and to stop being so super frugal. And so I did, and the codes worked, including the code for the "Elite Solider Pack" pre-order DLC.

I sure as hell didn't pre-order the thing, and publisher 2K didn't receive a penny. In fact, I managed to get XCOM: Enemy Unknown for a mere fifty pence, the entirety of which went to British charity Age UK.

But there's an untold story behind this game. Whose was it, and why didn't they redeem the codes? Who would buy or receive what is still a fairly modern game, and then give it to charity without even installing the damn thing, let alone playing it?

Maybe... maybe it was a ghost. And the ghost will install itself on my computer. And then Puppet Tails will come out and take my soul OMG CREEPYPASTA!!!!11


  1. I still have XCOM: Enemy Unknown sitting in XMB (Sony gave it away free with PlaystationPlus one month), my friend keeps on nagging me to play it. But I already have Valkyria Chronicles on the go and don't want to get pushed into tactical strategy game overload. But I must get round to it!

    1. I've never been able to play more than one strategy game at the same time, be it RTS or Tactical. That's why I haven't started this XCOM yet, as I'm still making my way through X-Com: Apocalypse. Two X-Com games at the same time would make my head spin!

      Cheers for the comment!


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