Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Time I Met a North African Hedgehog

I had a cuddle with the cute little critter in the photo above back during the National Pet Show 2014 at the Birmingham NEC. Although I can't remember exactly what species of hedgehog it was, I have a feeling it was a North African hedgehog. It certainly wasn't a European hedgehog as I had a run in with one of the hefty brown blighters back when I lived in Leeds.

Long story short, I found a hedgehog in the wintertime trying to cross the dual-lane portion of Otley road in Leeds. This was about six or seven years ago, but I remember trying to coerce the prickly little fellow back towards the nearby Hyde Park with my boot. But he wasn't having it -- it was his way and the highway. So I shoved on my fingerless gloves, grabbed the hedgehog while it was rolled up, and dashed across the road. Trust me, hedgehogs are both heavier than they look and more prickly.

Anyway, I saw the hedgehog in the photo above and had to have a hold. Unfortunately they're not as cuddly as they look. Their spines are extremely tough, and even when stroking them with the grain, it's still like running your hand over pile of rice. Accidentally rub against the grain and you'll end up with some pretty deep and painful pinpricks.

Seriously, don't fuck with hedgehogs.

P.S. The guy looking after the hedgehogs was wearing a Sonic t-shirt. This is important.


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