Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Soci of Metro: Second First Draft Complete

You read correctly, the "Second First Draft" of my novel, Soci of Metro, is complete. It's taken a lot out of me, and is responsible for my absence from the net over the last month or so, but it's done.


There's a reason I'm calling it my "Second First Draft", and that's because in my head, the plan was always to write a first draft of rough prose, then rewrite it for my second draft, go over it again in search of sloppy writing and typos for the third draft, then covertly slip it under the noses of unsuspecting family and friends.

After some careful planning, I was able to write the first draft in less than two months, churning out 1,500-2,000 words a day, despite running into the dreaded novel writing burnout. I eventually finished the first, 40,000 word draft at the end of August, and left the thing to stew for a month while I worked on other projects and put together a rewriting regime.

But the first thing I noticed when reading through the entirety of my first draft was how very brief my writing was. I was originally terrified that my novel would be stuck at 40,000 words, despite my plan for the industry standard of 60,000+. But after reading it over and seeing how many major and minor plot points were simple glossed over, I saw a great opportunity to expand the plot, add sub plots and work on my characterisation. But that would mean more rough, first-draft-quality prose, and that wasn't part of the plan -- thus the 60,000 word Second First Draft was born!

From here I'm going to carefully transcribe all the notes I'd scribbled in the margins of my paper draft into a new notebook, therefore creating a to-do list of plot inconsistencies and continuity errors that can be addressed in a logical manner.

And it's all very super-scary.


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