Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Super Awesome Retro Videogame Pizza Party

Winter is cold, dark and depressing.

During the winter months most of us leave the house before sunrise, and return home after dusk. Abandoned by our own sun, we're left wandering, cold and alone, through the gloomy rigamarole of modern life. And when the supermarkets tell us to, we'll buy and give gifts to people we don't care for in a vain attempt at altruism. And all the while the world grows colder, and dar–

Huh, what…? Sorry, someone's just handed me– Oh, right, okay.

Winter is great and you can be great too by reading this blog post about my super awesome retro videogame pizza party!

Official unofficial Zoombinis fan art courtesy of JiggerStick

Here's the deal: Domino's Pizza supplied me with a gift voucher in order to host my own retro videogame pizza party with my friends.

I wasn't quite sure what a 'friend' was, so I looked up the word in a dictionary only to find a full page illustration of Stevie Grant's face. I then sat down with Emma Lenton™ who explained that she too is a 'friend' of mine (although I suspect she just said that for the pizza, like the time she persuaded me to give her my bank details and–

What games did we play?

I'm using the term "retro gaming" loosely in this post, as we actually played games from throughout the videogame timeline. Time honoured classics such as Sonic 2006 and Aliens: Colonial Marines made an appearance, as well as older titles such as the Incredible Hulk and Predator 2 on the Sega Mega Drive. Modern titles included Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and… I think Emma was playing Pok√©mon Omega Ruby or something? I dunno, who cares.

Stevie and I also recorded some gameplay footage and commentary for a short run of shoddily edited Youtube videos we plan to upload by November 2018. So be prepared to listen to us talk about Sega's terrible Sonic Adventure PC port, the even worse Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection, and Hotline Miami, which Stevie does a C-grade speed run of to show off his Mad Skillz™.

But the game we played the most was We Love Katamari for the PlayStation 2.

The Katamari series has never quite been on my radar, and despite seeing the odd piece of fan art or screenshot, I had no idea what the games were about. Turns out they're about FUN™, which is great news because I actually really like playing fun videogames.

Hey kids, remember when videogames used to be fun? No, didn't think so.

How Domino's Pizza changed my life

As mentioned above, Domino's Pizza generously provided me with a voucher which I used to get the following:
  • Mighty Meaty®/ Chicken Feast 'Half and Half' pizza
  • Spicy chicken goujons, no wait sorry, 'Chicken Kickers™'
  • Garlic Pizza Bread
Don't worry, I supplied my own drink: some nasty own-brand Lilt rip-off that cost me 60p from Sainsbury's.

So was the pizza it tasty? Yes, actually, it was.

There was enough food to go around and I was happy to see that Domino's still give out those little pots of garlic dip. That dip is proper tasty. I dipped everything it in. I dipped the pizza in it, I dipped the crust in it, I dipped the garlic bread in it and I dipped the spicy chicken goujons– sorry, 'Chicken Kickers'.

I didn't have to cook either, which was just lovely.

Super Awesome Retro Videogame Pizza Party Conclusion

So all in all I had a good time. It was nice to hang out with Stevie again, and we used the opportunity to record Episode 11 of Chuckle-Bits Radio™, which'll include a brand new section as well as Stevie and Emma's thoughts on the pizza we ate.

If you're partial to eating pizza then you might want to consider Domino's Pizza. You can order online on the Domino's UK website, nab some money-saving vouchers on the Vouchers Section, or read some stuff on the official Domino's Pizza UK blog. And if you want to be super cool like Stevie Grant, then you can follow Domino's Pizza on Twitter.

Lastly, thanks to Jen for sending over the voucher as well as the other bits and bobs, including the Hama Beads Space Invader. I put it on me Christmas Tree! 


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