Friday, 9 January 2015

Jurassic World: Alternate Screenplay

Back before Christmas my brother William and I were discussing the recently released trailer for the upcoming 2015 blockbuster Jurassic Park: Lost World II as well as our rejected screenplays.

While we have no doubt that Jurassic World: Lost Park World will live up to the quality dinosaur suspense/action/thriller films that came before it, we can't help but feel as though our vision for the film will ultimately serve the franchise better than the footage shown in said trailer.

Have a read and see if you agree.

by William Westgarth

Scene opens with children boarding a plane to Jurassic World. A fat man with aerosol cream is seen being rejected entry. The company had learnt from its previous mistakes.

The children have a good time.

The children arrive home safely.


by Michael Westgarth


A young lady in a suit faces a panel of older men and women.

MAN: I think I speak for the entire panel, Miss Egobitch, when I say you're more than qualified to work in the Jurassic World research centre.

The panel murmur in agreement.

MAN (CONT'D): But before we make it official, we must ask... Are you an evil scientist?

EGOBITCH: Yes. Yes I am.

MAN: Oh, I see.

The panel shuffle uncomfortably. One woman signals to the back of the room, where a pair of security guards appear and walk towards EGOBITCH.

MAN: I'm afraid we don't hire evil scientists. Sorry.



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