Saturday, 7 February 2015

Judith Gyrran - An Episodic, Sci-Fi Visual Novel

Judith Gyrran and the Cocoon of the Forgotten is an upcoming sci-fi themed, "choose your own adventure"-esque visual novel under development by indie studio Ogardonix and written by Sven Wohl.

Sven was Sega Addicts's witty Luxembourgish news editor back when I joined the site in early 2012. But after getting sick and tired of talking about Sonic the Hedgehog 4 with Stevie Grant, he packed his bags and left for greener pastures, namely the L√ętzebuerger Journal. Since then Sven's had his debut novel published—Die Einsicht—and is now writing not one, but two videogames:

Ralin actually has a freely downloadable alpha build available for those running 32-bit Windows machines. As such, I thought it best to write about Ralin once I've actually had a crack at the game itself. If you want to have a go yourself, download the alpha from the Ralin homepage linked above.

Judith Gyrran, on the other hand, is a much more recently announced game. There's not much  publicly available information about Judith Gyrran as of now, but the game's set to be an episodic visual novel geared towards fans of hard science fiction and features the titular female protagonist, Judith Gyrran.

Rather than paraphrase Sven's synopsis of the game's story, here's an excerpt, pinched from Sven's personal blog:

Thanks to an accident during an experiment, part of Judith's DNA reassembles every few days, changing her look completely. She’s a mercenary in a time, where humanity has explored the depths of space thanks to an artifact that landed on earth hundreds of years ago. However, she stumbles upon something, that might reveal some of the biggest secrets of the universe to her and might answer the question, where that artifact has come from and what the future of humanity will look like.

According to the same blog post, Sven's been hard at work on the German script and its English translation for over four months. There's no indication of how far through Judith Gyrran's development Sven and Ogardonix are, and there's currently no release date. However the game's set to launch for Android, iOS, Windows and Macintosh.

If you want to keep up-to-date with Judith Gyrran and the Cocoon of the Forgotten, be sure to have a gander at the game's Facebook and Twitter feeds. Both he and Ogardonix seem very open to feedback of all kinds, so do feel free to get in touch with both via their Twitter feeds @Orgardonix and @SvenWohl.

And you can expect a blog post about Ralin - Dwarf Wars sometime soon. I hope. I mean, I'm installing the alpha now but my dinner's nearly ready, so I might not have to time, like, play it.

Anyway, Sven asked me to write a little something-something about Judith Gyrran and Ralin in exchange for one hundred thousand Luxembourgish francs.Wait, what? They converted to the Euro back in 2002? Sven you piece of shi


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