Thursday, 12 March 2015

EveningEmma: Kirby Quilt

There's a young lady that lives in my flat, and I don't know why. Her name is Emma, and she has made a lovely Kirby quilt. You can see the above image in full on her blog, EveningEmma.

I love Kirby, you love Kirby, everyone loves Kirby, including Emma, who has spent many, many hours stitching together the top of her latest and greatest quilt. The eagle-eyed amongst you have probably already noticed that this isn't technically a quilt, but if you ignore the thread-laden edges and pretend there's some lovely wadding underneath, it's basically a quilt. And it's a big one too -- big enough to go over a double bed.

I've already mentioned the quilt top on Twitter and Tumblr, but it's so vibrant, and so fun that I want to make sure that everyone that reads my blog sees it.

And remember, Emma's taking commissions: click here to find out more.


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