Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Soci of Metro: Third Draft: 100%

It's done. I've done it. My novel, Soci of Metro is complete. I've finished the third draft. I've fixed all the typos. I've righted all remaining continuity wrongs. I've filled in the last few niggling plot holes. And best of all I've managed to cut a few thousands words and reduce my page count by over 20.

Man, I'm tired.

The third draft of Soci of Metro took my much longer than I'd expected. I always set ridiculous expectations on how quickly I should be able to finish any draft of any story, even though I've no experience on which to base those expectations before setting them. I thought the third draft would be done in six weeks. It took over six months.

And it's not even truly done.

The first 8% of the novel—the first three chapters, and the first 38 pages—need work. That's not to say I haven't already worked on them. I have. I did. In the weeks leading up to Christmas when we had painters repainting the spare room listening to "classic" 90s rock. Then we had biblical levels of rain and the fresh paint oozed from the walls and on to the carpet, and the flat roof needed repairing and the painters came in again and it was cold and nearly Christmas. And, well, that first 8% of wasn't my best work.

So the new goal is 108%. Then I'm done. Novel complete. Time to test it on real human beings while I pour over lists of agents, and write a synopsis, and a cover letter, and a writer's CV…

It sounds rough. Brutal, even. But I can't say I'm not excited.


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