Friday, 4 November 2016

Chuckle-Bits Radio: Final Episode Update 2

I've managed to edit 1 hour and 38 minutes of the 2 hour and 33 minute raw recording of the final episode of Chuckle-Bits Radio. The total run time, as of now, is just over 2 hours, which means I've cut half an hour of garbage and have roughly 22 minutes of content left to plough through.

Sounds simple, yeah?

Well, that 22 minutes will probably take me another editing session to complete and export. Then, as I described in a previous blog post, I'll need to take the edited recording and add all the stupid sound effects and songs Chuckle-Bits Radio is known for and Chuckle-Bits Radio listeners love so much.

Well, at least it'll be done by Christmas.


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