Monday, 3 April 2017

Metal Gear Rising 100%: Progress Report

I receive hundreds upon thousands of emails every damn day begging me for progress reports on my 100% save file quest for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

I reply to none of them.

But standing here, I realise, that maybe I should put down my tool of justice and let you guys know that I've been kicking some toned cyborg arse. Well, sort of.

I've shoved all the individual activities required to get a 100% Metal Gear Rising file into one of four categories:

1. Collectibles (VR Modules, Data Storage, Left Hands etc.)
2. S-Ranks
3. Speedruns
4. VR Missions

At my skill level, getting S-Ranks requires collectables (namely the Left Hands for the Armour Breaker). The speedruns for the associated Titles will require BP to juice up my weapons. The VR Missions are collectables, although the missions themselves are separate from the main game (they don't make use of upgrades outside of boss weapons).

So I did two collectables runs—ones without a guide, and one with a guide to catch everything I missed (namely a few VR Modules and Data Storage). I then realised here was no reason to put off the VR Missions, and started going through through the non-DLC missions one by one.

I hate the VR Missions.

There's something about having to watch that start sequence every time I retry, and having to stare at yellow on yellow, and having to listen to the same neutral music. It ticks me off. Add this to the fact that too many VR Missions require the exclusive use of sub-weapons (the least developed aspect of combat) and you've got a recipe for absolute tedium in an otherwise frantic, pulse-pounding, nanomachine-son-ing extravaganza of a game.

But it had to be done. So I did it. I got my "yellow" muscle body. I got my HF Long Sword. And I turned to the DLC VR Missions.

Oh god the Dwarf Gekkos.

I think I'll be using guides for a good chunk of the DLC VR Missions that involve piloting Dwarf Gekkos. I get no enjoyment from bouncing those handy bastards around, and in a way I don't feel it's cheating. Watching some Dwarf Gekko savant ace a mission on Youtube only gives me directions; I still have to walk the path myself.

Once I've done the DLC VR Missions, I'm on to S-ranking each and every difficulty level, and I can't wait.


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