Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Reading "The Matter of Britain" at Leeds Central Library

Here's a photo of me reading an original piece of fiction at Leeds Central Library. A historic moment, I'm sure you'll agree. Speaking of history, the reason I was there in the first place was because the "Room 700" venue within the library was hosting an event that revolved around the new series of Game of Thrones that has apparently aired on television recently.

True story: When Game of Thrones first appeared on television screens, and people were talking about it, I'd somehow managed to convince myself it was a some sort of embarrassing Games Master-style videogame-centric game show. But now I know it's just Lord of the Rings except without the colour, like a pair of dyed denim jeans that's been through the wash too many times. Or something.

I don't watch television, alright?

Anyway, I'd been to a writers' group at the central library a little while before. The group was asked for stories on the theme of "medieval" and/or "gothic". So I wrote a piece inspired by cyberpunk granddaddy William Gibson's first published work, "The Gernsback Continuum".

It was nerve-wracking to read. Although I've been writing fiction for a handful of years, I'd never read before strangers. I remember tearing my eyes from my sheets of paper every now and then in order to give the impression that I was engaged with my audience. I remember my right leg trembling. And I remember my nose running near the end of it all.

I think it went well.

I actually had a good time at the Game of Thrones/ medieval England event. The talks were interesting, there were super-old books available to flick through, and there were some musicians playing old-timey music like Greensleeves—except I don't actually think anyone played Greensleeves.

Final thoughts: Leeds central library is cool, they run cool events that I like, and you'll be cool if you go there. Be a cool dude like me and follow Leeds Libraries on Twitter @leedslibraries.

DISCLAIMER: Leeds Libraries let me borrow books for free. What a shocker.


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